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Goodbye! [05 Sep 2012|04:18pm]
this journal is now closed. if you have a thread within this journal, let me know and i'll keep you added to it. those of you whom want to go to my new journal, let me know. otherwise, it's been a pleasure!
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rob and shiloh. - closed 3/31/2011 [26 Nov 2010|02:18am]
[ mood | confused ]

With a heavy sigh upon his lips, the young actor drove silently over to the house he'd once considered to be his home. Laying quietly within the backseat of his car, were Simba and Nala. The two little husky puppies that Rob would take everywhere he went. Within a lot of ways, they'd become his companions. The only two little lives left within this world that he felt he could trust completely. Shaking his head, Robert tried to concentrate upon the road in front of him, purposely taking the long route to Shiloh's home.. and his soon to be home.

Less then a month earlier, Jackson had called Rob, letting the older man know that he'd overheard about the house being placed up for sale. At first Rob had figured that perhaps Jackson had heard wrong, that maybe the house that went up for sale just looked like Shiloh's, and wasn't actually his. But, after doing a good bit of digging, his real-estate agent assured him that it indeed did belong to Shiloh, but had also been abandoned for a good amount of time.

It'd taken him some time to understand it all, as the time drifted between them, Rob had slowly begun to understood that the three no longer wanted him around. The pain he had to go through to understand that was excruciating, many of times Rob had picked up the phone to either call Shiloh, or to fly out to see him. The knowledge that he'd only be turned down, pushed away or even ignored was enough to get him to drop the phone right back into it's resting position once more.

He'd made a promise to himself. Swearing that he'd never put himself through this type of heartache again, no matter what the cost was.

So why was he taking the drive BACK to that house? Why had he spent so much money to buy the house, and to keep his name as anonymous if Shi were to ask whom the buyer was. Why go through all of this?

That answer was far to simple. He was still in love with Shiloh, and there was nothing he could do.. or say that would change that. Tapping his thumbs upon the steering wheel, Rob finally pulled to a stop just in front of the home. Pulling out his cell phone, the actor quickly flashed a text off to Shiloh. "I'm here, but I want to walk Nala and Simba before coming in. They've been cooped up in the car nearly as long as I have." Hitting the send button, Rob pocketed the phone and whistled for the pups to follow him as he got out of the car.

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mila and john. - closed 3/31/2011 [20 Nov 2010|08:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

With a nervous smile, Mila held onto Adam's arm as they walked through the large arena. It wasn't that she was nervous being around so many people, after all with her type of lifestyle that's something you've got to get used to. She was doing so in hopes of trying to keep up with Adam, whom just so happened to want to move at the speed of light. Making it nearly impossible for her to keep up with him.

With a squeak pressed against her lips, Mila nudged Adam when they finally entered the backstage area. He could let her go now, and head off to do whatever it was that he needed to get done before the show began. For her friend had succeeded in getting her backstage, and that's all that was needed. Flashing him a quick smile, Mila leaned over to kiss his cheek and whisper a soft thank you.

"And now.. to find John." The small woman said, speaking to no one in particular as she watched Adam walk away. Turning the opposite direction, Mila rubbed her arms and began to walk, keeping her eyes peeled for the man she was looking for.

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random storylines. [20 Oct 2009|11:35pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

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